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3D mammography is an FDA-approved technology that takes multiple images, or X-rays, of breast tissue to recreate a 3-dimensional picture of the breast. It’s different from traditional mammography in that traditional mammography obtains just a single image. 

These multiple images of breast tissue slices give doctors a clearer image of breast masses. It makes it easier to detect breast cancer.

Preparing for the Mammography exam

Preparing for a mammogram can help to reduce anxiety about the procedure and provide more accurate results. Consider these important tips when you prepare for your next mammogram appointment.
  1. Skip the deodorant that day. Particles in these products might show up on your mammogram and cause undue alarm or confusion.
  2. Schedule the test to occur one week after your period. If you haven’t gone through menopause, your breasts are most likely to be sensitive or tender the week before and the week during your period.
  3. Consider over the counter pain medication if you find that having a mammogram is uncomfortable. Check with your doctor before taking any new medications.
  4. Wear a two-piece outfit. That way you’ll only have to remove your top and bra.
  5. Leave any neck jewelry at home.
  6. Bring any prior mammogram images.
  7. Eat and drink as you normally would before having a mammogram.
  8. Take your daily medications as usual.
  9. Consider reducing your intake of caffeinated beverages and chocolate 3-4 days before your scheduled appointment. Caffeine may make your breasts feel more tender.
  10. Bring your doctor’s written order/prescription for the mammogram study.
  11. Bring your ID and insurance information. You will check-in before the mammogram is performed. The process involves confirming your identity and your insurance information.
  12. Tell the radiology technologist about any physical limitations. Mammogram pictures are obtained with you in the standing position, though if you are unable to stand the machine can be adjusted with you in the seated position. Describe any breast problems or symptoms to the technologist performing the exam.
  13. Wear flat shoes, sneakers, or low heels. You will be standing for your mammogram, and may be asked to lean forward or backward for best positioning. High heels may throw you off balance.

Always consult your physician for individual care.

Breast Biopsy Services 

Steriotactic Breast Biopsy

Is a minimally invasive procedure that uses 3D mapping to target and remove a sample of a suspicious breast growth or abnormality so that it can be evaluated by a pathologist for cancerous tissue.

MRI Guided Biopsy

Is  used for those abnormalities that can only been seen using an MRI.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Ultrasound uses sound waves to identify the location of the abnormal tissue, allowing the radiologists to guide the biopsy need to the correct location and remove tissue samples in real time.

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